Attention to Students Newly Joining the SDU Family

You have been assigned user accounts (e-mail) to be able to access services that are provided by the IT Department. Orientation videos about user accounts and informatic services are linked below. Please watch for detailed information.

There is a two-step verification in the SDUnet system for your security. For the two-step verification you need to install the SDU mobile application. There is an SMS verification for the first log-in and your phone number that is registered in OSYM is valid for the SMS.

If your phone number is changed or is invalid, you can update it by going to your faculty’s student affairs office. For the students that already logged in to the system, it is possible to change the phone numbers via Student Information System online.

SDU Students Acquire Many Privileges with their mail address with “” extension. Please click here to see the privileges with the e-mail addresses with the SDU extension.

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