Our Duty and Responsibilities

The computing department is leads the computer hardware, system, network and connection services of the university and it works connected to the general secretariat office as the institute organization.


The computing department provides technical service, e-mail, servers, software, internet and web services to all the students and staff of the university.


1.      Designing and publishing web pages.

2.      Providing efficient service presentation by the software in Academic and Administrative procedures.

3.      Providing technical support to damaged devices.

4.      Ensuring network and system design and its stability.

5.      Finding solutions to network and system malfunctions by providing technical support.

6.      Creating the informatic technical substructure of the university.

7.      Executing the e-mail procedures of the students and staff in a healthy and uninterrupted way.

8.      Setting up computers and providing assurance that they will work healthily.

9.      Following technological developments closely.

10.  Giving on-the-job trainings.