SDU Cloud Started Offering Services

The “SDU Cloud” made Süleyman Demirel University IT Department has started offering services. With the “SDU Cloud” service our university’s academic and administrative staff can store lesson notes, study data or any file they want, share it with other users, and can easily access these files with any platform that is connected to the internet (Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS, Web Browser). Cloud client application can work simultaneously with these files across devices.

SDU Cloud system is accessible through in or outside the SDU campus. Our users can store up to 10GB in their accounts. This service is available for usage to all SDU staff and to use this service it is needed to activate the application by going to SDUNet ( and using the “Request Follow-up System” application, entering “IT Department” department page and pressing the “I want to use the SDU Cloud” button. 

Account activation / User Manual Videos for Desktop and Mobile application

SDUCloud Account Activation 

SDUCloud Android Application Installation

SDUCloud MacOS Application Installation 

SDUCloud Windows Application Installation  

Yayın Tarihi: 15/09/2022
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